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Gray Jewelers, Georgia Heard Jeweler

Gray Jewelers

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Georgia Heard Jeweler

                       "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." ~ Pablo Picasso

Jewelry that reflects who you are better than a mirror.

  Made for your tastes, lifestyle and comfort.

Portable inspiration to keep your spirits lifted.

Example of drawing and the translation to metal  

Example of drawing and the translation to metal


Rendering if needed

Rendering if needed

When you come in for your design appointment, we will gather information on what you like.
Specifics that will make your piece enjoyable to wear for your lifestyle.
Gather information about what appeals to you. You can use images from the internet or magazines to help us see what you like.
If there are any questions about preference and fit, or placing of stones we will make another appointment for a preview of the original wax carving. 
(limit two, after that there is a charge of 100.00 per preview.)
Once our customer feels confident of their design, we proceed with casting, finishing, and stone setting.
repair statement

Original art by Samantha Hunt

Samantha is a never ending source of surprise, charm, and new ideas. Her pieces always offer a new discovery no matter how many times you look it them! 

Samantha also uses color with profound skill and imagination, and also enjoys using Pantone colorstrology!

Check out Sam's Gallery in Pieces we've made!

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